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About Rainbow Tyger

Rainbow Tyger is a UK Independent Streetwear Brand focussed on Alternative clothing with a colourful edge and eye on Pop Culture, 90s Grunge and Punk Street Style.

Daring. Different. Fierce.


Rainbow Tyger is your favourite

and.....Your Guilty Pleasure 

Rainbow Tyger started as a collage of ideas and imagery combining my love of punk and metal.  It then blossomed in 2015 at Open Arts, a community mental health and arts project which nurtured a safe environment for member artists to create, experiment and participate in various art mediums.  It was here that I established my clothing brand.

Sketched by hand, designed on computer, and printed in the UK

Jennifer Farfort - Founder and Designer  

Working towards a sustainable brand.

 Ships worldwide 


The brand Rainbow Tyger is a registered trademark.




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